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Yes. Additionally, Valspar maintains that the warranty is void if metal panels are installed in a way that allows moisture accumulation.

Valspar Corporation is the #1 manufacturer of “Cool Roof” coatings in the US, with over 800 ENERGY STAR rated products including fluropan® and WeatherXL® coatings.

No roof should ever be installed at a pitch lower than that recommended by its manufacturer. Our AW Panel can be used down to 3:12 roof pitches. There are certain circumstances that allow it to be used down to 1.5:12 but different precautions need to be taken such as Butyl Tape applied to all the seams to protect from water that gets dammed up from ice.

We recommend using a synthetic underlayment beneath a metal roof. Felt underlayment is not recommended because it is designed to absorb moisture and slowly evaporate while a synthetic underlayment allows the moisture to run off and get away from the back of the metal as quickly as possible.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of products and service. We distribute our products through highly qualified dealers and employees who are trained in providing our customers with top quality service and peace of mind. The home improvement chains carry a narrower array of often lower-quality products. Homeowners who purchase big box products can be severely disappointed by the lower quality metals, coatings, and product designs they purchased. By choosing AW Metal LLC, you are assured top-quality products and service.

Yes, we sell to anyone who stops by or gives us a call.